Process Overview

Ready to create customized performance apparel for you and your team? Here's how the process works:

Create Your Design

It's time to put your artistic skills to use and create a unique look for you and your team. If you'd like some help, our design experts will lend a hand and provide you with a free design that looks great. Don't worry about making any tweaks, either – we offer free revisions.

Choose Your Gear

Do you need shorts, tanks, racesuits, or something else? Whatever it is, we're ready to help.

Keep Your Team Happy

Once you have a general concept and know what type of gear you need, you might want to share the design with teammates to make sure they're happy. If you're only buying performance apparel for yourself, then you can skip this part! We'll also send you some samples to make sure you know exactly what you're getting.

Your Team Store

Now we'll activate your team store. You, your teammates, and your friend and family can all go to the online store and select what type of clothing they need. 

Order Confirmation and Delivery

Lastly, we'll confirm your order, and put the items through to production. After production, the orders will be delivered directly to whoever ordered them – no need for a big meeting to distribute your awesome looking Peaks Apparel gear.'

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!